Training is free !

(you) Seriously ?
Of course ! The 1st training is offered by the Swiss Recovery Foundation.

(you) And.. what are these trainings ?
It’s easy, one qualified coach (+ one if needed) offers you a training adapted out of the chair and personalized according to your desires/objectives. Warm-up, stretching, muscle building, verticalization not to mention the activation of your entire body, including the paralyzed limbs, are on the program.

(you) How long is a training session ?
Right now, we have two formulas. The first one offers a 3-hours session that includes time for installation, discussion, recovery and physical effort. The second offers a half session of training, or 1.5 hours.

(you) What about my anxieties/doubts/worries during this training session ?
Don’t worry about it! Our experienced trainers in Adapted Physical Activity (University Master), certified «Swiss Recovery Center», attentive and concerned about your well-being, guarantee you a safe training!

(you) So, who do I contact ?
You can reach us at and the coaching team will be happy to arrange a test session!

So, what are you waiting for ?